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Welcome to Tarot-Card.net! We hope that you find your visit informative and entertaining. Our mission is to keep this website a dynamic and ever-improving Tarot resource for you.


Tarot-Card.net is all about Tarot, divination, and the beauty, history and meanings of the Tarot cards. Tarot is a card game dating back to the Renaissance period in Europe. It features a seventy-eight card deck that includes twenty-two Trump cards, known in Tarot as the Major Arcana, in addition to the fifty-six numbered, or pip and face, or Court cards, known in Tarot as the Minor Arcana, that are found in many other card decks. The cards of the Tarot deck also differ from most other playing cards in that the images and messages they present are very detailed and relevant to a variety of life issues. For this reason, Tarot cards have been used for centuries in divinatory readings. More Tarot card history is available on our Tarot History page.

Free Tarot Card Readings

Free Tarot card readings are available on our Free Tarot Readings page. We have twelve different Tarot spreads to answer a variety of questions. Our free readings offer both the specific and general meanings of the cards. Remember that you have the power of self-determination. The Tarot cards offer suggestions and warnings, but it is up to you to use the information from the cards to control your own destiny.

Tarot Card Meanings

We encourage you to browse through our Tarot Card Meanings and examine the cards for a moment. We have what we believe is an easy to navigate and complete listing of the entire deck, with descriptions of each card. Upon close and thoughtful examination, the cards offer more than just games or divination. The imagery created by Arthur Waite and Pamela Colman Smith in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck offers insights and lessons about human character and growth that stand on their own.

Lifetime Tarot Card Spread

Our Lifetime Tarot Cards page features free name and birth date based Life Tarot Spreads. This spread is not designed to answer specific questions about external events or other people, but rather to help the querent understand their own characteristics and opportunities.

Clairvoyant Tarot Readings

What does “Clairvoyant Tarot Readings” mean? Here at Tarot-Card.net, it means that you may speak live with a gifted Clairvoyant who has years of experience reading Tarot Cards and exceptional empathy for relationship issues. We hope that you will take the opportunity for a Tarot Reading by Jules, you will not be disappointed.


Free Playing Card Readings

Playing card cartomancy readings are available on our Playing Card Readings page. We have ten different playing card spreads to answer many questions. We offer playing card specific influences like multiple cards of same rank and same color in our cartomancy readings.


Astrology is an ancient science developed by early scholars to help them understand the universe around them, and it's influence on their lives. Astrology has contributed to the foundations of Astronomy, Mathematics and Physics, and shares the elemental and planetary correspondences with Tarot. Over the centuries, kings, queens, generals and everyday people have relied on the stars to help them plan for upcoming projects and for day to day guidance.

Free Daily Horoscope

Free daily horoscopes are available for our visitors on our Free Daily Horoscope page.

Free Astrological Compatibility Report

Our Astrological Compatibility page features Zodiac sign personality comparisons, the characteristics of each sign, and determination of Zodiac sign by birthday.

Our Free Tarot Readings, Tarot card meanings, Free Horoscope and Free Astrological Compatibility Report pages are just that, totally free. We do not expect payment, nor do we collect personal information from our visitors. You do not need to enter an email address, sign up for subscriptions, or anything of the like. We are just happy that you have come to visit us and please feel free to use these features as often as you like.

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