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Jules' Tarot Reading Testimonials

One may learn a lot about someone by listening to the opinions of others. The trick is, to be objective and listen to enough people's opinions. In Jules' case, there is a clear consensus among her clients that her readings are extremely accurate and honest. Here are some testimonials from a few of the people Jules has done Tarot readings for...

Wow - I have to say that I was impressed by Jules and some of the details she was able to pick up without me having to tell her anything. She was very helpful and very sweet and I'm sure I will be calling again very soon. Thank you so much Jules and best wishes to you! I will keep you updated!
- Anne

Jules is the greatest. I have been working with Jules for one year now. Everytime she tells me something it has happened. I tell her all the time I could do a commercial for her. At first I didn't want to believe her when she said my husband was cheating on me but he was. She was right on. She told me I was going to have a recurring problem with my water heater in my house. Took them three times and finally fixed it. So I believe her when she tells me anything. This is just a sample of things she has told me. You will not be disappointed in a reading from her.
- Susan

This was my first call to Jules. I read her feedback before calling and have to say I was NOT disappointed. She is awesome...just as everyone says! She gave me excellent advice but also gave me the incentive and strength to follow her advice. I will definitely be calling her again. I have a feeling we are going to become VERY good friends. Thank you Jules....you are the best and 5 stars aren't nearly enough for you.
- Chicky

I have been speaking with Jules for the past two years and she has been right all along. (EX. "M" and I haven't spoken in a year, and I have been calling Jules to see if we would be getting back together. She has always told me yes but it would take sometime. However the past few weeks she said that I should be hearing from him, and shortly thereafter, I started receiving phone calls. Today during our call, she said that I should be getting one maybe two calls today. I received the first one while on our call, and then the second one approx. 10 mins after hanging up with her.) Call her. You won't be sorry. She is the BEST.
- Blue Eyes

Great Reading!! Jules tells you what she sees-feels whether it is good or bad.....Call her!!
- Curls

Jules always so on the mark!In our last reading she said I'd get a contact with in 3, I got the call on 23d at 3am! She is incredibly honest and caring and will give good and bad and the rest that you need to know. She is a dear friend and one of the hand full who have my undivided trust. You are fabulous!!!
- Chicky

Thank you so much Jules for all you insight! You really made me feel better about my situation...I promise to let you know what happens in the next few weeks! I'd give you a million stars if I could! Thanks again!
- Kim

Such a gifted lady. I am a repeat caller and she always tells the truth. Try her you will like her.
- Daddio

Absolutely phenomenal :) i mean, listen people, i DROP readers when they don't give me accurate predictions and this week i dropped another. jules is always on for me. i asked her if i'd see my guy before he left town on friday and she assured me i would. some of my other top readers said no, he wouldn't have time. well, he called last night and took me out for drinks and i am seeing him again today. she knows her cards and she is totally honest. she has given me bad news before, but i appreciate that. i absolutely refuse to call the readers who just blow smoke up your a$$ -- do NOT waste your money! Jules NAILS them every time, so I keep calling!!!!
- Sugar

Amazing....she knew I bought a piece of jewelry for myself and she even knew it had amythest in it. WOW i coudlnt believe she knew that. She is fantastic. Give her a call. IF you want to know whats going on in your life and you dont want generalizations....she is the one to call THANKX JULES
- Angel

Thanks Jules, liked and did'nt like what I heard tonite but always repect you, always. Hope you got my other messages. Love and many thanks. TY
- GeeMan

There is no doubt in my mind that this woman is truely gifted. She is very caring and wonderful. You will not regret calling her. Good or bad the situation she gives it to you straight. She cares about her readers. I've called many psychics and no one comes close to the ability Jules has. Many times she has told me something would happen down to the day, unlike other psychics who generalize the situation. She told me I would hear from my ex and see him before he left, I was a little skeptic and he showed up at my door out of the blue 3 days later!! Jules is the best. Give her a call. Luv ya Jules, God Bless and thank you for all that you have done for me!
- Angel

She's THE BOMB!! and has given me a new outlook with my relationship. Jules, has been wonderful and kind with all her honest answers. Julies, also mentioned the last time we spoke about something I should look for regarding my health, well, 2 days later, this came about.YOU should call her and see for yourself, thank you so much for being there for me, and clearing the air for my future! your wonderful! will be calling you again AGAIN, AND AGAIN,your awsome!!!!!!
- Star

Thanks J, as your one of the few that can relate to my love and how hard this person is to read. Not too many can get as close to getting a handle on these type of people? Yeah, there are your regular folks and then there are those folks like the one I love. Your are on it. Thanks as always. Love you for your support and understanding. TY.
- GeeMan

Thank You, Thank You. Yes I'm a regular with this woman and that's why you see lots of feedback ratings from me to her. I never knew nothing of this woman up until I chatted with her for the first time. She is unlike other readers; trust me. But the only way you will know for your self is by calling on her and seeing for yourself. One thing though is if you like her and I feel you will, drop her a rating. The only reason I initally called her was because I liked what others were saying about her. They were all right on with what I found out too. This is not a sales pitch, but what can I say; she is good. I'm sold. TY J.
- GeeMan

Chalk another one for Jules, she told me that I would be getting a new car and not just a new car but a car that I wanted with the great deal I got. Yes, that came true two days ago; got the new ride and a great deal on it too. This woman is on it. Remember she will give it to you good or bad and all this has really help me stay focus in dealing with all that is will be with me. Thanks J. You all must give this person a try; you won't be disappointed. TY
- GeeMan

Man, she has been hot, hot hot for me lately!! Jules has always been one of my top readers but she has been nailing stuff like crazy lately. I was worried my guy and I were cooling things down because we hadn't hung out in a while. She told me everything was fine -- she saw a call and a get together. Said "you will be seeing him tonight." well, he called an hour or 2 after we got off the phone and invited me out for the evening. This guy is tough to predict cause he is very spontaneous, so Jules has been an absolute lifesaver. Can tell me down to the DAY when I will be seeing him. Love it!
- Sugar

You told me back in October that if I wanted to speed things up here with this man I would have to leave him and I did and now things are moving in the direction that you predicted. Last time we spoke you said that I would see him face to face and I was very skeptical but you were right! I saw him within a couple of days. He was very sorry and now is putting forth all of the effort. You were very right in describing how I feel now. I will watch out for a little squabble like you said and will continue to keep him on his toes. I should have listened to you all along. For anyone thinking twice about calling Jules, just do it. Her predictions happen!
- Rita

Very accurate reader /psychic. She gave me reasonable time frames. Call this Advisor. Here are more stars for you ********** Don't waste money on anybody else.
- Ginny

Thank you Jules, when i spoke with you regarding my guy, well you knew that we had a spat, you said with no DOUBT THAT I would hear from him within 2 days, and he would ask me to a lunch or dinner, well, he did, and I had to let you know. Hey if your looking for fast accurate answers, Jules is the person, She pulls no ponches, she feels your pain as well, and I love that about her, but yes, the call came, thank you Jules. A MuSt Call! no doubt!!
- Star

Jules said that my guy was going on the trip but not with another woman and that it wouldn't be that good of a trip for him. She said that he would be drinking tonight. She was right!! He went to a birthday party and called me late very drunk. I didn't expect it at all, but Jules was right on the money. She also saw him sending me a text message. He IM'd me as I was talking to her!! She saw something about my nails, and I had just painted them last night! Thanks Jules!!
- Sally

Jules saw an uncomfortable communication between me and my guy, along with jealousy. well, i thought it was going to be on his part cause i went out teh night before without telling him and was planning on coming clean. BUT, the jealousy was actually on my part cause he called late night and told me he was just a dinner with a bunch of friends, including two girls who i have heard are interested in him. funny how jules' readings always make sense, even if not until a day later. she is so accurate with me it is frightening!
- Sugar

SHE VERY ACCURATE AND EXACT! HOW SHE KNOW ALL THAT! Well I am very glad I called her, this my first time speaking to her and she pulled all out of me what I feeling. Very very good and I could see calling her back! She is professional too and non opionated. She nice lady too. Genuinely kind and personality IS COOL. She good to talk. She knows what she is talking about. worth the dollars! call her. you will not regret.
- Daddio

Jules is awesome. She told me that my boyfriend would have a hard time being away from me when he moved away 4 weeks ago. She also told me that he would be back, there would be a celebration and that he would be living with me. Tonight I received a call from him saying that he was coming back and that he wants to stay with me!! That is so incredible! Jules is great. She tells it how it is, she is truthful and honest and it would be worth anyone's time to call her. It was one of the best choices that I ever made and I will continue to call her. She has given me a great deal of peace of mind during this very long 4 weeks. Thanks Jules!
- Pat

Thank you so much Jules. You are the best and most accurate person that has ever read for me. Thank you for your support and advice. You're awesome!
- Lisa

You are really great. So to the point. And I love how you are like talking to a best friend. Thank you...I will persevere through these next few weeks.
- Patty

Jules is the best, Jules you have been so accurate its uncanny, Jules hung in with me through thick and thin, in a very up down relationship, and as I followed her advice, finally, everything practically everything is going the way she predicted, and I mean that. Jules is a great person, and has a heart, She truly cares for her clients, if your looking for the truth, call her. Me and J are going to Virginia Beach, as you said would be happening.!!!!!!!!! Zillion stars Lady *********
- Star

Jules is a gift from heaven. Everything that she has been telling me for the past two months was confirmed yesterday. It blew me away, as I was somewhat skeptical because I did not have a way to confirm. She is the best and I will continue to seek advice from her on a weekly basis. She wants nothing but happiness for her clients, even though she has a life of her own, she will always be there for me. She mentioned that I would be receiving a call from a man with money, I just realized who it is and if he calls, I will know that she was once again right on the money. Call her if you want the truth. She is the best. Luv ya Jules....D-
- Dody

Just to let you know all that Jules tells me does come to pass in one way or another. I am a repeat customer because Jules is the best I have found and she tells you like it is. I trust her and when she tells me I am going to have an argument or a nice msg is coming, it all happens. Thank you Jules for being you.
- Irene

Jules, Thanks for you reading yesterday. You really helped calm my nerves and I was able to get a good night's sleep. You were about 95% accurate and really new things that I didn't think someone could know. I am very hopeful that he will be in touch very soon, I believe you mentioned something about 4 days, but I am not going to lose the faith if he doesn't contact me within that time frame even though I really believe your promise. I think if you really heard that he wasn't coming back you would have told me. I will be in touch when I hear something and will contact you again for another reading in the near future. God Bless.
- Donna

I used Jules way back when she first started. She was awesome then..and even better now...*ALL* her predictions from long ago came to pass **ALL OF THEM** so I rely on her information for the future as well. Not one reader out here has predicted EVERY EVENT..and it is tried and true..eventually they ALL did happen. I thank you once again for that shoulder to lean on. There isnt a doubt in my mind that you are 100% correct. People, call her..a $50 reading with her will be worth its weight in gold rather than spending 100's elsewhere. *TRUST ME*
- Tiger

Jules is Great! She is truthful and does not misrepresent herself. I have been talking to Jules for over a year and a half and I don't know what I would do without her. Her readings are accurate and she has helped me through some tough times with my boyfriend--but she has been truthful and not sugar-coated anything. Thanks for being a friend!
- Pat

Awesome!!! So the old boyfriend and his juvenile games along with my ex-roommate doing underhanded things to me. Saw the new guy in my life as well and looking forward to flirting with many others.
- Ronny

I got another call! Jules said he would call and he did. Now he just has to have the courage to say hello. Thanks Jules. I'll keep up the affirmations and keep you posted. You are the greatest!!
- Sienna

Jules, you are always right on when it comes to my relationship with "R". You tell me he will be nice and then he will be mean, it happens and within 1 hr last night after our reading, it happened the way you said. I trust what you tell me about opening my own business. I know I have to do this. Thank you and god bless.
- Irene

Excellent reader! Highly reliable.
- Lisa

Once again Jules-1955 comes through! Excellent! Thank you Jules, give her a call she is Great! :-)
- Randy

I wanted to wait to see if he will really call me in 4 days...and he did!!! He was very nice as she told me. She also told me he would ask me to do something and he did do so!! Amazing. I call her again ;->
- Penny

Jules is a straight-shooter.. she tells it like it is. I appreciate her honestly and accuracy.
- Ciarra

UNBELIEVABLE!! During our reading, Jules said he would be calling and boy, was he calling and calling - 5 times!! Jules told me not to pick it up as he would keep calling! Anyway, finally did pick it up after our reading and he was all communicative and positive and opened himself up a lot. Although you don't see an immediate resolution to all the problems we face, this will keep me going for a bit! Thanks Jules!! OUTSTANDING!!! Love you!!!!
- Kathy

Jules is terrific! Her feedback speaks for itself; you can't fault her. She promises the truth, and she is dead on accurate!
- Yolanda

Julie, I cannot believe how accurate you continue to be. Thanks so much for you support and friendship. You're awesome
- Lisa

Jules is always a pleasure to talk to - A Honest & Professional Psychic. Call her - You won't be disappointed. A million stars to you************.
- Sandra

I am very impressed with Jules not only her wonderful reading which was hopeful for the future and amazingly accurate about the present but also her warm, caring personality. She appears to be very genuine, compassionate and thoughtful and suprised me with a follow up e-mail to re-affirm her advice on encoraging a lost love back quickly. I do so hope her predictions are correct but I was truly surprised as some of her insight into the present, unusual things which she couldn't have know were awe-inspiring and truly gave me confidence in her talents. Thank You Jules
- Joann

Jules is incredible. She once again was right with another one of her predictions. Jules is such a blessing, I know that what she is telling me is nothing but the truth. She is by far the BEST. If you listen to what she is telling you and are willing to do a little work then things do work out for the best. Jules has such a caring and compassionate way, and she wants only the best for her clients. If you want someone to tell you the truth, you have to call her, you won't be disappointed. Love ya....:)
- Beth

Jules, what can I say everytime I talk with you all your prediction continue to come true. Jules predicted I would here from my boyfriend and I did. Jules you are so awesome!!!
- Ginny

I was very impressed by Jules! She got all the details correct from the situation to the physical descriptions. Wow! and with only a name. Thanks for the words of wisdom and for putting a smile on my face! Would definitely call here again!
- Nancy

Thanks so much. I am sure you know how much this situation means. I have spoken to many advisors and I have the experience to truly say, JULES is AWESOME!!! she saw how big a certain problem was and knew what needed to be done. Her guidence is miraculous. If you want to know and also get guidence beyond just knowing then call her and you too will experience what I have. She cares. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SHARING YOUR GIFT WITH ME.
- Sonya

Jules-1955 will let you know how it is and she is very good at exact times and dates. She is a very kind person. Thank you Jules
- Tamara

Jules is exceptionally accurate, compassionate, caring and just generally a top notch reader. She clearly is psychic, she continues to come up with amazing details about things she couldn't possibly have known about first hand. She is really an angel, and in touch with her own angel guides. I highly recommend her.
- Randy

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