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The Three of Swords Tarot Card

Three of Swords Tarot card


Swords through the heart, just as it appears. Heartache. Hurt feelings. Cruel and cutting words. Pent up anger or resentment, released perhaps in the waning moments of an unhappy relationship. Looking at health related issues, the Three of Swords suggests that surgery might be necessary. Traditionally, removal, absence, delay, division, separation, hatred, incompatibility.


Where the upright Three of Swords suggests conclusion and clearing the air, however hurtful that might be, reversed this card implies lingering pain and frustrations. Perhaps the subject’s partner is blatantly unfaithful but they continue the unhappy relationship. Perhaps the person in question cannot overcome past trauma and continually dwells on it. A warning that this emotional torture must be confronted at some point, or it will only grow more severe. Traditionally, alienation, loneliness, insanity, confusion, disorder.


Element: Air

The Threes relate to creativity and fertility

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