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The Three of Wands Tarot Card

Three of Wands Tarot card


Strength, boldness, effort, commerce, discovery. The ideas and energy of the Wands are taking tangible form. The wheels of enterprise are in motion. The entrepreneur watches his ships full of merchandise sail off on what he hopes will be a successful voyage. Travel may be required to bring the operation to fruition. Traditionally, trade, negotiations, enterprise, travel, audaciousness. Cooperation in business.


Delays or interruptions. Problems making the plans work. Difficulties with the voyage. Lack of cooperation from others. Expected rewards may not be forthcoming, or may require exceptional efforts. Traditional meanings include distrust, misfortune and treachery, but also the end of trouble and toil. Be on guard for partners with ulterior motives.


Element: Fire

The Threes relate to creativity and fertility

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