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The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card

Four of Pentacles Tarot card


Focused on money, business interests and material possessions. Developing structure to secure and perpetuate wealth or power. The Four of Pentacles is known as the Miser Card. This greed is driven by fear of losing what has been gained through previous labors. It may be time to relax a bit and perhaps share just a little of the wealth. Traditionally, surety of possessions, inheritance, investments, success in business.


Financial instability. Unable to hold on to money. Poor investment choices. Gambling. Wasteful spending. Previous gains are diminished or wasted. The stress of maintaining things may be too great. Perhaps a deliberate choice is made not to be a miser. Traditionally, hinderance, loss, suspense, delay, opposition.


Element: Earth

The Fours relate to structure and foundation

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