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The Five of Cups Tarot Card

Five of Cups Tarot card


A card of loss, but the loss is not total. Three cups are empty, but two are still full. What remains deserves appreciation. The Five of Cups suggests that it may be time to move on from mourning or self pity. It is a lesson on resiliency. Traditionally, quarrels, separation, sacrifice, regret. There is also a possibility of inheritance.


Two different outcomes may be suggested by the reversed Five of Cups. Traditionally, the subject moves on from mourning and renews connections with family and friends. The opposite interpretation is that inverted, the remaining cups are emptied and nothing is left. Perhaps ultimately, this card represents self-determination. Eventually, inability to move forward after a loss will result in further loss and deterioration of other relationships.


Element: Water

The Fives relate to conflicts, challenges and adaptivity

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