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The Five of Swords Tarot Card

Five of Swords Tarot card


Dynamism and determination overwhelm kindheartedness. The victor believes he is right and honorable, but has little compassion or empathy. Victory at what cost? Are those former friends walking away beaten and intimidated? Short term victory that may result in long term loss. Depending on the context, possibly an indicator of abuse. A lesson that you can never win with some people, and sometimes you just have to walk away.


The reversal of this card does not really result in a reversal of the meaning. The outcome may be the same, or perhaps result in a deadlock. If victory is won, it may be a hollow victory haunted by regret. And similar battles are likely to continue. Making peace is the best alternative. Also, traditionally read as a bad omen for a new partnership or enterprise.


Element: Air

The Fives relate to conflicts, challenges and adaptivity

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