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The Five of Wands Tarot Card

Five of Wands Tarot card


Competition. Contests. Contention. Struggle. Others will not just stand aside. The lesson of the Five of Wands is that it is necessary to deal with competitors to achieve success. Walking away from the contest will result in loss. Learn to work with the opposition for mutual benefit, or strive to rise to the top. Be open to the ideas of others, but also alert to their self interests. Also, maintain self-control and avoid anger. The traditional meanings suggest victory in this struggle: gain, riches, abundance, happy marriage.


Walking away from opportunity to avoid the struggle. Fear of competition. Alternatively, litigation, dispute and trickery by the opposition are likely if the contest continues. Traditionally, lawsuits, fraud, persecution, harassment, delays. But a favorable outcome is suggested if one stays in the game.


Element: Fire

The Fives relate to conflicts, challenges and adaptivity

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