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The Six of Cups Tarot Card

Six of Cups Tarot card


Nostalgia. Tender moments from childhood, remembered. Trust, security and forgiveness. Memories of happy times and simple pleasures may influence present actions. Perhaps it is time to make up with a loved one after a disagreement. Perhaps the subject is courting or being courted. A face from the past may return. Traditionally, antiquity, memories, aging, longing for the past.


Struggling to break free of old emotional bonds. Rejecting past trauma. Moving on from bitter memories. Focusing on the present and the future. Disillusionment. While the Six of Cups reversed is often described in contemporary interpretations to mean difficulty letting go of the past, traditionally the meanings were more optimistic: regeneration, better times, renewal, future prospects. Perhaps in either aspect, a lesson to treasure the special memories, but avoid becoming their prisoner.


Element: Water

The Sixes relate to sharing, mutual support and knowledge

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