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The Eight of Swords Tarot Card

Eight of Swords Tarot card


Trapped. In bondage. Imprisoned in a cage of swords. The blindfold makes finding the way out difficult. But these swords and this blindfold are usually metaphorical. The blindfold may be self imposed. It may be fear or insecurity that is keeping the subject locked up in an unpleasant place. They may be overwhelmed with worries that prevent them from seeing the situation clearly. With boldness and courage, escape is possible. Depending on the question and the influences of the surrounding cards, however, the Eight of Swords in some cases may actually represent legal judgments resulting in imprisonment or injuries resulting in hospitalization. Traditionally, accident, calamity, bad news, violence, crisis, censure, conflict, illness.


Unfortunately, not a complete opposite. While small successes through hard work are suggested, it will require persistence and ingenuity to break free, and there will be ups and downs along the way. Traditionally, opposition, misfortune, danger, difficulty, overcoming past treachery.


Element: Air

The Eights relate to progress and persistence

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