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The Eight of Wands Tarot Card

Eight of Wands Tarot card


Acceleration. Enthusiasm. The pace of life quickens. The Eight of Wands card has been described as Arrows of Love and Falling in Love. Perhaps the subject is, or soon will be, in a new, exciting relationship. Perhaps new business ideas are fueling excitement and productivity. High speed travel is possible, perhaps a journey by air. In any case, utilize the energy and enjoy the ride, but avoid carelessness. Traditionally, activity, swiftness, haste, great hope, progress, direction, new love.


Arrows of Love become arrows of jealousy. Arguments, disharmony. Delays. Setbacks. Things may be stalled, or alternatively, the frantic pace was too much and mistakes resulted. The new ideas may not have been so good after all. Traditionally, Internal dispute. The sting of conscience. Quarrels, discord, regret. Be wary of meddlers or outsiders that may cause marital strife.


Element: Fire

The Eights relate to progress and persistence

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