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The Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card

Nine of Pentacles Tarot card


Financial independence. Prosperity. Affluence. Comfort. Good health. Possibly a new home. Perhaps a luxurious vacation. Reaping the rewards of all the previous hard work. Traditionally, safety, prudence, success, accomplishments, thoughtfulness, property, contentment.


Still a card of property and money, but the Nine of Pentacles reversed may signal threats or dissatisfaction. The subject may be uncomfortable with the trappings of their situation. Possibly boredom with inherited wealth. Perhaps the wealth was ill-gotten and there is guilt. Perhaps their property is threatened with damage by vandalism or natural disaster. A warning to exercise great care and diligence in real estate transactions. Beware of swindles. Traditionally, trickery, deception, cancelled projects, betrayal, deceit, theft, storms, disappointment.


Element: Earth

The Nines relate to self awareness, completion and integrity

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