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The Nine of Wands Tarot Card

Nine of Wands Tarot card


Anticipation. Suspension. Possibly hidden enemies. This warrior has come a long way, overcoming many challenges. He is on the verge of completing his quest. But he knows he must pause, perhaps from exhaustion, perhaps to protect himself from danger. He has the tools and the skills to defend himself, if necessary. The real danger that he faces is accepting less than he has earned. The Nine of Wands teaches us that we must see the quest through to it’s conclusion. Analyze the situation. Get some rest if possible. Prepare defenses and consolidate the position, if necessary. But don’t end the quest. When rested and prepared, finish what has been started. Traditionally, delay, estrangement, adjournment, prudence, experience.


The position may be indefensible. The warrior may be too tired to continue. Perhaps the necessary will or energy is lacking. Surrender or abandonment may be the only apparent options. It might be time to find help, or if none is forthcoming, withdraw from the engagement as prudently as possible. When looking at health issues, the Nine of Wands could suggest mild but chronic illness that saps energy. Traditionally, obstacles, adversity, calamity, barriers, sluggishness.


Element: Fire

The Nines relate to self awareness, completion and integrity

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