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Death Tarot Card

Death Tarot card


Transformation and Rebirth. A stern and unwavering messenger heralding change that is inevitable and is coming soon. Think not of this fearsome horseman as the executioner, think of him as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. This is a card of new beginnings. An old building is demolished so that a new and better one may be constructed. So also, old habits and lifestyles will be abandoned for new and better ones. Discarding past encumberances will make room for a better future. The demolition of the old and the construction of the new will not be easy or painless, but ultimately will make things better. Traditionally, transformation, mortality, destruction, deterioration. Also, in certain contexts, the Death card may represent intense sexual experiences.


Something that should die but it won't. A cycle should end but is wrongly perpetuated. Resisting or delaying change. Inability to move on after a tragedy. There may be an upside to the reversed meaning, though. It might represent a "Blast from the Past", something that was lost but is once again found. In contexts where the card represents another, it typically symbolizes a threatening figure, but possibly with sexual implications. Perhaps a passionate but dangerous relationship. Sometimes a warning of sexually transmitted disease or nerve damage. Traditionally, stagnation, immobility, pessimism, destruction.


Element: Water

Zodiac: Scorpio

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