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Justice Tarot Card

Justice Tarot card


Truth. Balance. Fairness. Equality. Doing the right thing, even if it is not the most desirable thing. The Justice card speaks not only of getting one’s just deserts, but also of acting in fair and just ways. Perhaps a past injustice will be corrected. Although this card sometimes can represent courts and the legal system, it is generally a lesson to be fair and honest with one’s self and with others. It could indeed indicate winning a court case, however. Justice also suggests that the seeker should pay attention to promises, debts and obligations. Traditionally, balance, harmony, equity, integrity, fairness.


Injustice. Imbalance. Unfairness. Inequality. Not looking at the situation objectively. Disregard for what is right. Failure to be honest with one’s self or with others. Unfair or excessive criticism. Possible legal problems. Inappropriate or overly severe application of the law. Traditionally, bigotry, intolerance, false accusations, abuse of the legal system.


Element: Air

Zodiac: Libra

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