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The King of Pentacles Tarot Card

King of Pentacles Tarot card


The Kingdom of Pentacles is the Earthly. The practical and economic facets of life. The King of Pentacles is a leader in monetary matters, and possibly in environmental matters. When representing a person, he is likely to be involved in finance, and to be successful in the business world. A shrewd investor, but interested in value as well as profits. A lover of the finer things, but pragmatic about their acquisition. Perhaps a bit possessive about the people in his life. Steady, stable and dependable. Generous about providing guidance to others. Traditionally, courageous, intelligent, intellectual, loyal. Mathematical aptitudes.


Reversed, the King of Pentacles may become a cheapskate or an exploiter. He may be a business owner who underpays his employees, cheats on taxes or operates dishonestly. Perhaps a slumlord. He may be overly conservative, thereby impeding or preventing progress. He may view people simply as resources. Also, there may be financial problems. Mathematical aptitudes, dependability or pragmatism could be lacking. As the Pentacles represent the Earth, this reversal could suggest environmental carelessness or usury. Traditionally, vice, weakness, ugliness, perversity, corruption, disorder.


Element: Earth

The Kings relate to fatherhood, patriarchal authority, management and competence

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