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The Knight of Wands Tarot Card

Knight of Wands Tarot card


Bold, passionate, exciting, spontaneous. The Knight, or Prince, of Wands is a fiery force in relationships. He begins new projects with excitement and creativity. But follow-through is his shortcoming. He is easily bored and prone to move on before things are finished. Although a loyal friend, he is not inclined to relinquish the variety and excitement he craves for a permanent engagement. As with all the Knights, a symbol of travel, suggesting long trips overland by highway. Traditionally, flight, separation, distance, abandonment, emigration.


The reversed Knight of Wands is not outwardly so different from the upright. But he is of lower character, at least for the present. Still bold and spontaneous, but more prone to bully or abuse. Egotistical, impatient, thoughtless and uncaring. Perhaps he might pursue a woman he isn’t really interested in for the amusement of conquering her or breaking up a relationship. Traditionally, estrangement, division, rupture, strife. Possibly car problems or other negative issues affecting travel. Whether upright or reversed, the Knight of Wands suggests departure. Enjoy the glow while you can, he may not be around very long.


Element: Fire

The Knights relate to energy, travel, adventure, aggression and goals

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