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The Page of Pentacles Tarot Card

Page of Pentacles Tarot card


A message about health, business or finance, likely good news. Also a suggestion to pay close attention to business matters. The Page, or Princess, of Pentacles is the down to earth child. Analytical. Pragmatic. Hands on. An engineer and a builder. Serious about learning. Serious about money. This is the child who opens a lemonade stand or mows lawns by their own initiative. Traditionally, scholarship, concentration, apprenticeship, work.


Bad news about finance, business, or health issues. Overly materialistic. Obsessed with acquisition. Probably a cheapskate when it comes to spending on other people. Only interested in getting paid, not in doing quality work. Possibly problems studying or understanding assignments. Traditionally, dissipation, degradation, luxury, meddling.


Element: Earth

The Pages relate to messengers, children, openness, risk takers

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