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The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card

Queen of Pentacles Tarot card


A prosperous woman. Resourceful. Fastidious. Conscientious. Perhaps a business owner, or a driving force behind a business. In control of her surroundings and her family. Generous and caring. Confident that she knows the right way to do things. She works hard to ensure the welfare of her loved ones, the quality of her environment, and the success of her ventures. Traditionally, opulence, security, freedom, luxury, sincerity.


The reversed Queen of Pentacles is the opposite of upright, for the most part. She is not generous. She may be insecure and possessive. She may have problems getting things done. She may not pay much attention to the needs of others. She may not be very concerned about her environment. Possibly indicative of financial issues. When looking at health questions, be alert for dietary or digestive problems. Traditionally, suspicious, uncertain, vengeful, apprehensive.


Element: Earth

The Queens relate to motherhood, matriarchal authority, attraction and nurturing

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