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The Queen of Swords Tarot Card

Queen of Swords Tarot card


A woman who has been tempered by loss and sorrow. A strong, honorable, independent person. Demanding of herself, she is intolerant of others who are less demanding of themselves. Meeting her expectations may be difficult. Highly intelligent, she generously shares her knowledge. A great communicator of logic and fact. Behind her cold exterior, her intentions are good. But she can be hard to get close to. Traditionally, sadness, separation, widowhood.


The reversed Queen of Swords is not altogether the opposite, but her sorrows and disappointments may have left her bitter. Her intentions may not be so honorable as when upright. She might take solace in watching others endure sorrow. Her exceptional communication skills could be used to hurt others. Paradoxically, the reversed Queen could also suffer from problems communicating. When looking at health issues, respiratory problems due to allergy or pollution are possible. Traditionally, spitefulness, wickedness, maliciousness, deceit, vengeance.


Element: Air

The Queens relate to motherhood, matriarchal authority, attraction and nurturing

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