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The Queen of Wands Tarot Card

The Queen of Wands Tarot card


Creative. Passionate. Bold. Confident. Determined and energetic, but charming. A natural leader. The Queen of Wands’ characteristics often lead to the performing arts. She could be the entertainment director on a cruise ship, perhaps a movie star or an advertising executive. Independent and courageous, she is likely to firmly reject any efforts to rein her in, as her black cat warns. But she is also a loving, loyal mother and partner. Her passion for achievement may sometimes lead her to become a bit more involved in her children’s affairs than she needs to be. Traditionally, friendly, honorable, charming, understanding, a lover of money who is likely to succeed in business.


Spitefulness. Intolerance. The reversed Queen of Wands presents a couple of possibilities. Most commonly, her fire and boldness are exaggerated, while her compassion and loyalty are diminished. This queen may be impatient, jealous, cruel and vengeful. She may be short tempered and think nothing of using her substantial resources to exact unjustly severe revenge for some minor slight. If she is angry at her partner, she may punish him with infidelity. In some cases, however, her energy may simply be drained and she could become withdrawn and unable to sustain her usual workload. Traditionally, the meanings are dependent on the card’s position in the layout, and swing from obliging and economical to deceit, jealousy and infidelity.


Element: Fire

The Queens relate to motherhood, matriarchal authority, attraction and nurturing

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