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Temperance Tarot Card

Temperance Tarot card


Moderation. Balance. Harmony. Synergy. Merging apparently opposite elements to create a whole greater than the parts. Adapting to the environment. Promoting, managing or directing to create a single product from the efforts of many. When interpreting a Tarot spread, Temperance is often significant relative to the cards around it. Perhaps apparently unrelated influences can be made to work in unison. Traditionally, moderation, adaptability, economy, unity, discretion, management, accomodation, and of course, temperance.


Pretty much the direct opposite of upright. Out of balance. Disharmony. The attempt to merge opposite elements fails. Individuals you are working with may be uncooperative. When focusing on health issues, Temperance reversed warns of possible serious illnesses such as food poisoning or infectious diseases made worse by stress or an out of balance metabolism. Traditionally, discord, bad combinations, lack of cooperation, conflict, competition, serious illness. Sometimes suggests religion and the church.


Element: Fire

Zodiac: Sagittarius

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