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The World Tarot Card

The World Tarot card


Realization. Attainment of major goals. Reward. Recogniton. Triumph. The World card speaks of understanding the big picture. Everything falls into place. The end of the Fool’s Journey, but the beginning of other journeys. Now it is time that all the knowledge and experience can be used to do great things. A card of travel. Perhaps you are a diplomat on a mission to negotiate treaties, or a business leader opening new markets. The World indicates understanding, success and achievement. Traditionally, completion, fulfillment, perfection, promotion, honors, good health. A good omen for successful childbirth.


Not an opposite meaning so much as a delay. The tools seem to be there, but the successful completion is as of yet unattained. Perhaps fear of what lies beyond is preventing completion. Sometimes thought to represent hollow or half hearted efforts. A person with great credentials resting on their laurels. Travel may be delayed or interrupted. Combined with the wrong cards in a reading, The World reversed could represent failure or serious problems. In health matters, The World generally represents good health and successful childbirth, unless negatively influenced by other cards in a reading, in which case it can suggest skeletal or orthopedic problems. Traditionally, inertia, stagnation, obstacles, failure, imperfection.


Element: Earth/Air

Zodiac: Saturn

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