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Free Tarot Reading - Birthday Spread

Free Birthday Tarot Spread

Immediately below is your Birthday Spread with the cards in position. Below that is the symbolism of each position and the meaning of each card. Click on the Tarot cards for more detailed meanings.
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Your Present Position in the World

The Hanged Man

Spiritually wise and prophetic, the conquest of the worldly.

Your Goals for the Next Year

Three of Cups

Good luck and success are possible. Pleasure is likely.

That Which Empowers You

The Chariot

Victory and success in the world.

Powers You Need to Develop

Page of Swords Reversed

Expect the unexpected. Inane behavior may hamper you. Cunning may be called for.

Your Present Material Self

King of Swords Reversed

Distrustful and paranoid. Capable of malice. Power abused.

Your Present Emotional State

Eight of Swords Reversed

Fresh starts are possible.

Your Present Spiritual Self

Three of Wands Reversed

Be wary of offers of assistance. Underhandedness and failure are possible.

That Which Opposes You

The Wheel of Fortune

This card signifies success and a change of fortune for the better. Chance is on your side.

What You Need to Do to Realize Your Goals


This card represents the fulfillment of justice and balance.

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