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My name is Jules. I can provide insights into your relationship, help you understand your lover, or maybe just lend an ear. I love helping people and have proven empathic and clairvoyant gifts. I have been offering clairvoyant readings professionally since 1999. I have made many new friends and I feel that I have helped many people through dark days in their lives. I most often use Tarot cards as a clairvoyant medium.

Looking for fast, accurate answers? Need to know when he/she will call? Will our romance bloom? Is my relationship over? How does he/she really feel? Contact Jules for a Tarot reading now. She is an accurate, honest clairvoyant gifted with genuine empathic abilities. Jules is truly among the best reading the Tarot cards.

Tarot readings are done live by telephone. Your phone number will remain confidential. I am able to accept payments either at my Keen site, Jules-1955, or through PayPal.

For entertainment purposes only. Eighteen years of age and older, only, please!

Live Tarot readings with Jules are available through Keen.com...

Contact Jules by phone at Keen.com

Or call 1-800-ask-keen extension: 087583

Clairvoyant: From the French "clair" (clear) and "voir" (to see). A Clairvoyant is one gifted with the ability to perceive objects and events which are not apparent to the basic human senses. We all possess some intuitive ability, which may be enhanced with study and practice. There are a few gifted with a more focused, powerful form of intuition known as clairvoyance. Where intuition feels like "possibly", clairvoyance feels like "probably". Jules is among those few gifted to "see clearly", a true Clairvoyant.

Jules has used her clairvoyant gifts to help people all her life. Even spiritualists and psychics call her for readings. She has helped many people understand and strengthen their relationships.

If you have worries or questions, Jules can help. She is insightful, honest and straightforward. Her clairvoyant abilities guide her to the answers you need.

Here are some testimonials from Jules' clients.

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